Snoqualmie National Forest
     We recently started Washington State History. Right now, we are finishing up learning about the physical enviornment of Washington. In this class, we learn mainly about the geography and how it affect the people, plants, and animals of the state.  I have learned different tidbits of information such as the reason many people seem to live in the Puget Sound Lowlands. I've also learned that scientists have discovered that much of Washington used to  be underwater. The coast was Spokane! So far, I have tried three different methods to help me to retain all this new information I am learning. The first method was writting a poem, the second method was an acrostic, and the third method was little sketches that explain the information.

        For each section I had a different understanding. For section 1, I would give myself a 3. 
The targets were:
1) Explain how the natural and political boundaries separate
  Washington from its neighbors.
2) Identify how Geography influences where people live and what they  do.
3) Describe how over time, people have changed the land and  resources of Washington.

This is my poem, it mainly 
describes the geography  Washington. It hits the three targets  above and describes Washington's west coast and eastern border.

For section 2, I would give myself a 2. Now that I look back on my acrostic, I think I could have hit the targets a little better. The targets were:
1) Describe how Washington is part of the Pacific Northwest 
and the Pacific Rim.
2) Explain Washington’s five land regions, all with very  different features.
3) Evaluate why most of Washington’s population lives in the  Puget Sound Lowlands.
When I made my acrostic, I didn't exactly incorporate an explaination of all the different land region's, but I did compare and contrast two different land regions. The Coastal Region and Columbia Plateau. Other than that, I think that I hit all the targets.

For the last section, section 3, I would give myself a 3. I think I hit the targets pretty well; they were:
1) Why was most of Washington under water at one time?
2) How did Earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods shape the mountains, valleys, and plateaus of our state?
3) Why do most of Washington’s population live in the Puget Sound Lowlands?
This is my third method. I drew 6 little boxes then filled them in with sketches that would help the information to stick with me. They hit the targets pretty well. My favorite panel said "Hey girl, are you the Scablands? 'Cause you're 16,000 miles of pure beauty."
For my Language Arts class, I had to review a book. I chose the book Dark Secrets 1 it included two different books inside so I read Don't Tell. You can click here to see the Prezi! Since Prezi doesn't allow me to italicize or hyperlink, in the Prezi, the title of the book is not italicized and there are a few words that would be appropriate to hyperlink are not. Instead, I just gave the link for you to click. Enjoy!

For my Language Arts class, we had to analyze two poems. They were I Hear America Singing by Walt Whitman and I Too by Langston Hughes.

There are a couple things you should know before you read my work, they are:

-Langston Hughes is African American and Walt Whitman is white.
-Walt Whitman wrote his poem during the Reconstruction era.
-Langston Hughes wrote poem during the 1920s, when segregation was still an issue.
-If you want to read the poems, if you look above, the names of the poems are linked.

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